Sinn Fein’s change of tone a step forward - Hamilton

24 September 2017

Responding to comments made by Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams today, DUP MLA Simon Hamilton said;

Simon Hamilton MLA

Minister for the Economy

Simon Hamilton

"Northern Ireland government has been held to ransom by Sinn Fein since March for narrow political reasons.

Gerry Adams' change of tone is a step forward. The DUP has had no preconditions and stands ready to reestablish an Executive immediately. Whilst language and culture are important so too are decisions on health, education and infrastructure.

We made a reasonable offer which would have seen government restored and negotiations on cultural matters take place in parallel. Disappointingly SF rejected this offer within 90 minutes.

We will be engaging with SF this week. We want to see government restored. We want to see culture and language matters fairly addressed. We will not accept cultural supremacy for one section of our community. There is enough space in Northern Ireland for mutual respect and a shared future."

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