Sinn Fein should restore the Assembly rather than pose on picket lines

27 November 2019

DUP East Belfast Westminster candidate Gavin Robinson has said soundbites from Michelle O’Neill standing on picket lines outside hospitals ring hollow considering she was the Health Minister who walked out the door leaving key reform decisions piled on her desk.

Gavin Robinson

Spokesman on Justice, Home Affairs and Human Rights.

Gavin Robinson

Commenting Mr Robinson said,

“In the last Parliamentary term, the DUP used its influence to deliver hundreds of millions of pounds for hospitals.  SF delivered nothing but chaos.  The DUP has published a 12 Point Plan to get Northern Ireland moving again which includes detailed plans for improving our hospitals.

Sinn Fein is standing empty handed.  Michelle O’Neill should get devolution restored rather than taking selfies on picket lines. Her decision to abandon her desk is now being felt by patients on waiting lists.

A restored Assembly could deliver a pay increase for hardworking staff in our hospitals.  A devolved Health Minister could increase the number of nurses and GPs being trained to provide better frontline services but it is Sinn Fein alone who is blocking devolution being restored.

Rather than posing for photographs on picket lines, Michelle O’Neill should lead her team back in to the Assembly where decisions can be made.”

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