Sinn Fein should put needs of patients above demands of party: Weir

03 January 2018

DUP MLA Peter Weir has called on Sinn Fein to put the needs of patients above the demands of their party.

Peter Weir MLA

Minister of Education

Peter Weir

Commenting on current pressures within the health service the DUP MLA said:

“On her first day as Health Minister Michelle O’Neill stressed the priority she placed on reforming our health service to deliver for patients. Today however the former Health Minister plays the role of a disinterested observer as our health service faces major pressures, and our health service staff work tirelessly to deliver the very best service to the public.

There has been no reform of the health service because Sinn Fein have placed their party-political demands as a higher priority than growing waiting lists. There has been no reform of the health service because Michelle O’Neill walked away from her desk and away from the route map to deliver that reform.

The problems were exacerbated by a Finance Minister who walked away from his desk without even completing the one job expected of him – to deliver a budget to fund vital public services, including the health service.

Sinn Fein talk about “no return to the status quo” but refuse to engage in talks with other parties. Their actions do not indicate a party seeking to find solutions, but rather putting forward excuses for their intransigence.

We believe that devolution is in the best interests of Northern Ireland, and despite the difficulties involved in making it work, we are committed to restoring the Executive. Sinn Fein must step forward and put the needs of everyone above the demands of their party.”

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