Sinn Fein must stop glorifying terrorism and demonstrate real respect for victims

11 January 2018

DUP Deputy Leader Rt. Hon. Nigel Dodds MP has said that Sinn Fein must stop glorifying sectarian murderers and demonstrate real respect for the victims of terrorism.

Nigel Dodds MP

DUP Deputy Leader, Leader of the DUP Parliamentary Party, Spokesman on Reform and Constitutional issues and Foreign Affairs

Nigel Dodds

Commenting the North Belfast MP said,

“Part of the reason Barry McElduff’s actions caused so much revulsion was that it laid bare a wider attitude of disrespect towards the victims of terrorism. The video was not so much an isolated incident but rather the clearest example of how Sinn Fein has treated those who suffered at the hands of the IRA.

On Monday, Michelle O’Neill offered a qualified apology to the Kingsmill families.  It related only to Barry McElduff’s video. Does she apologise to the Kingsmill families for the act perpetrated by the IRA and condemn that sectarian and barbaric crime?

Most victims still remember Michelle O’Neill for her words last April when she said republicans were:

“proud of our freedom struggle . . . . we are especially proud of our republican patriot dead and each of our fallen comrades.”

It would be a repugnant situation were Michelle O’Neill to be proud of the Kingsmill murderers, but apologizing for Barry McElduff’s mockery. Does she stand with her SF Councillors who eulogise Raymond McCreesh and those who carried out the Kingsmill atrocity?

Let’s remember the Castlederg parade where Sinn Fein organised a commemoration for IRA terrorists which they deliberately routed past the site of an IRA murder. Let’s also remember Michelle O’Neill’s Sinn Fein continues to sell IRA T-shirts on its website proclaiming “IRA – Undefeated Army.”  Let’s remember only weeks ago that Sinn Fein’s conference broke into applause when Foyle MP Elisha McCallion said Martin McGuinness was a 'proud member of the IRA'.

Michelle O’Neill needs to demonstrate whether she is prepared to move forward or continue to wallow in the terrorism of the past. She cannot demand respect from others whilst repeatedly adding to the pain of victims. There needs to be clear condemnation of sectarian murder and respect shown to innocent victims.”

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