Sinn Fein more comfortable with rhetoric of 2017 than realities of 2018

09 January 2018

DUP MLA Christopher Stalford said,

Christopher Stalford MLA

Chair of the Asembly & Executive Review Committee

Christopher Stalford

“Declan Kearney’s comments today highlight that Sinn Fein are not listening to the views of people today but instead fall back on the rhetoric of twelve months ago.

People might question whether we should trust Mr Kearney’s words or wait until later when a meeting of the Sinn Fein leadership will render them meaningless. That of course is what happened only 24 hours earlier.

There are parallels to be drawn between Sinn Fein’s attitude to the return of devolution and the Barry McElduff affair. In both cases, behind the rehearsed words, the public’s needs and views finish a very clear second behind Sinn Fein’s narrow party interest.

It is not just that Sinn Fein walked away from the Assembly, but more recently also walked away from the attempts to bring it back. Many people question whether Sinn Fein’s commitment to devolution is as illusory as their commitment to respect.

There is little doubt that Declan Kearney feels much more comfortable rehearing the well-worn lines from 2017 than facing the realities of 2018. The DUP wants to see progress made and we remain committed to seeing devolution restored. There won’t be progress if Sinn Fein continue to ignore everyone and everything beyond their own narrow base.”

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