Sinn Fein criticisms highlight their own hypocrisy - Lyons

28 August 2019

DUP Assembly Chief Whip Gordon Lyons MLA said,

Gordon Lyons MLA

Gordon Lyons

"Sinn Fein have a cheek to complain about the prorogation of Parliament, meaning that it will be sitting for 4 fewer days than would otherwise have been the case, when they have been responsible for the Assembly being closed for the last two and a half years.

They have rode roughshod over the people of Northern Ireland for over 900 days, leaving them without either an Assembly or Executive and allowing hundreds of decisions to go unmade.

Their criticisms of the Prime Minister only serve to highlight their own hypocrisy.  The people of Northern Ireland can only hope that Sinn Fein’s new found love for the legislature extends to Stormont and that they end their boycott of the Assembly and allow MLAs to legislate on behalf of people here."

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