Sheehan exposes Sinn Fein’s narrow agenda

24 February 2017

Responding to comments from Sinn Fein’s Pat Sheehan that the party would not return to government unless there is an Irish Language Act, a Bill of Rights and resolution on dealing with the past, DUP candidate Gordon Lyons said;

“It is clear for anyone to see that Sinn Fein have used the RHI scheme as an excuse for this election. The real motivation has always been to advance their own narrow agenda through the creation of a political crisis.

Only a week ago Conor Murphy said there was no reason that devolution couldn’t be restored within three weeks, but now days before the election Pat Sheehan has set out a list of new preconditions. It may have been no mistake that this message was delivered by the man who replaced Gerry Adams in the Assembly.

There is a very clear choice in this election campaign, between a strong DUP moving Northern Ireland forward and Sinn Fein’s narrow republican focus.”

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