Robinson - “SF narrow focus on divisive border poll”

15 April 2019

DUP Director of Elections Gavin Robinson MP has said Mary Lou McDonald’s speech at the Sinn Fein manifesto launch was narrow and backward looking.

Gavin Robinson MP

Spokesman on Justice, Home Affairs and Human Rights.

Gavin Robinson

Mr Robinson said,

“Mary Lou McDonald only floats in and out of Northern Ireland, dropping the ball or making a U-turn on each visit. The Sinn Fein focus in this election is narrow and backward looking.

Boasting about unionist majorities being gone and calling ‘time for Irish unity’ just sum up Sinn Fein’s focus.  People are not interested in a divisive border poll.  They want their politicians to work together and get the Assembly back and working so decisions about our hospitals and schools can be made.

Whilst the DUP has delivered one billion pounds more for schools, roads, and hospitals all Sinn Fein has delivered is chaos and stagnation. They have not delivered a single extra penny for public services.  We have delivered more for everyone.

Of course it could be better but money alone will not fix the problems in our schools and hospitals.  Reform is needed but Sinn Fein is the blockage to Ministers making decisions. Four of the five parties are ready.  Sinn Fein is isolated as the roadblock to progress.

A vote for Sinn Fein in these elections is a vote for a divisive border poll.  They have their ‘Bs” mixed up.  Their priority should be Bengoa and not borders.”

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