Robinson - “SF has nothing to offer other than Irish unity calls”

21 November 2019

DUP East Belfast candidate Gavin Robinson has said Sinn Fein should catch up with real people and focus on policy issues which matter.

Gavin Robinson

Spokesman on Justice, Home Affairs and Human Rights.

Gavin Robinson

Whilst the DUP has a 12 point plan to get Northern Ireland moving again, Sinn Fein is like a broken record talking about Irish unity which would destroy our health service and economy.

Mr Robinson said,

“This week we launched our 12 point plan to get Northern Ireland moving again.  It addresses matters such as our mental health services, schools, hospitals, jobs, welfare and environment as well tackling crime and those who abuse animals. This is a weighty policy document with a comprehensive plan for devolution and the next Parliament.

Whilst we’re trying to talk about matters which people are worried about, Sinn Fein is like a broken record talking about a border poll on Irish Unity.  They need to catch up with the majority of people in Northern Ireland who care deeply about the constitutional settlement but also care about the state of their hospitals and schools.

Sinn Fein say they have a plan for a united Ireland – its more like a plan to destroy our public services.  'The Economic Effect of an All-Ireland Economy” report indicated that 50,000 public sector jobs would have to be cut.

Sinn Fein should change the record but because of their boycott of the Assembly and Westminster, they have nothing else to say.  They are like a one trick pony.

Let’s get Northern Ireland moving again.  The DUP showed that by taking our seats and using our influence, we were able to deliver £1.5b for schools, hospitals and roads.  Sinn Fein has delivered nothing but chaos.”

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