Robinson condemns East Belfast attack

02 May 2017

East Belfast MP Gavin Robinson has condemned an attack on the home of a Sudanese family, who had rocks thrown through the windows of their East Belfast home.

Gavin Robinson MP

Spokesman on Justice, Home Affairs and Human Rights.

Gavin Robinson

The woman, who is pregnant, and her two young children have had to leave their home following the racially-motivated attack.

Mr Robinson said, “This is a disgraceful attack on a family home and there should be no place in our society for those who engage in such hate crimes.

It is vital that we send out a united message against such attacks but also clearly state that those responsible do not represent the vast majority of people in East Belfast.

There has been a great deal of work carried out locally in building relationships and challenging some of the myths that exist around immigration and those who chose to make Belfast their home.”

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