Questions must be answered following paramilitary displays: Bunting

24 May 2019

DUP Policing Board member Joanne Bunting has said that questions must be answered following recent paramilitary displays in Belfast.

Joanne Bunting MLA

Joanne Bunting

The comments come after shots were fired outside the house of a former INLA prisoner, followed by a paramilitary show of strength at the funeral of Martin McElkerney.

The East Belfast MLA said, “The presence of semi-automatic weapons on the streets of Belfast poses serious questions as to where these weapons have come from and who has access to them.

There have been previous incidents surrounding republican funerals so there are also questions of what level of advance knowledge there was about the possibility of such displays in this case. The INLA are a proscribed organisation and are one of the groups under the focus of the Paramiltiary Crime Taskforce.

There has been a great deal of investment put forward into efforts to tackle paramilitarism in our society. If we are to ensure that is a success then the PSNI and all agencies must work to prevent such blatant glorification of terrorism.”

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