Pressure Won’t Prove Productive - Campbell

05 January 2020

Gregory Campbell MP has called for a fair and balanced deal as Talks recommence this week to restore devolution.

Gregory Campbell

DUP Spokesman on International Development and Cabinet Office

Gregory Campbell

East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell said,

The Talks process is yet again entering an important phase. The January 13th deadline means there will be attempts to use it as leverage to get any type of deal over the line as opposed to detailed consideration in order that a good deal is achieved.

Whether it is one party (SF) making unacceptable demands or other parties standing side by side to accept that the unreasonable demand is met, will make no difference to us. Where the Irish language has a perfectly acceptable place in Northern Ireland society and is resourced appropriately, as it already is, there will not be a problem or opposition from the DUP or wider Unionism, where there is an unacceptable and unreasonable demand to elevate it above all other minority languages, whether it is SF, other parties or HM Government saying we will have to yield on this issue as it is preventing devolution returning, we will not do so.

The sooner the lesson of February 2018 is learnt the better.  It appears from Michelle O' Neill's outburst last week, that this lesson is taking longer to be assimilated than would have been expected. Let us all take this week to see what is doable, negotiate a balanced set of proposals and get it done instead of grandstanding in the hope of gaining a one sided victory."

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