Posturing will not help those in need of welfare mitigations

27 November 2019

DUP Assembly Member for Mid Ulster, Keith Buchanan has said that it is time to get the devolved institutions up and running to help those who will be affected by the ending of welfare mitigations in Northern Ireland.

Keith Buchanan MLA

Keith Buchanan

Mr. Buchanan said:

“The DUP’s 12 Point Plan to get Northern Ireland moving again supports the extension of welfare mitigations in Northern Ireland. Our record is crystal clear too. We are proud of our role in delivering an extensive package of mitigations for Northern Ireland and the role that our Ministers played. We want to extend that support.

Assembly Members are elected to govern not to lobby. It is simply not good enough for other parties to wring their hands in public about protecting the most vulnerable in our society whilst refusing to do the job they were elected to Stormont to do. We have the means at our disposal to secure the future for people, we simply need to use them.

The surest and best way to protect those who are in need is to get back to work at Stormont in a functioning Assembly and Executive. The DUP will do that tomorrow. It is for others to explain why they refuse to.

Welfare mitigations have been discussed intermittently at inter-Party talks, but not as one of the absolute priority issues. The DUP believes welfare needs to be elevated to one of very top issues and discussed at Leader level. Let’s get back to finding solutions at Stormont.

Over recent times some parties have come to think that authoring letters and sending them to the Secretary of State can act as a substitute for a functioning government at Stormont. It cannot. It is for the democratically elected representatives of the people to start serving the people. Government by letter is not government at all. It is time for others to lift their boycott and get back to work."

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