Political will needed for agreement which works for the UK and the EU

05 February 2019

The DUP’s South Belfast MP Emma-Little Pengelly has welcomed the Prime Minister’s visit to her constituency but also the Prime Minister’s commitment to go back to Brussels to seek the necessary changes to the withdrawal agreement.

Emma Little Pengelly MP

Emma Little Pengelly

Emma Little-Pengelly also sits on the House of Commons’ International Trade Committee.

Commenting Mrs Little-Pengelly said,

“It is good that the Prime Minister is visiting Northern Ireland but also that she is returning to Brussels to seek change which can address our objections to the draft withdrawal agreement.  The backstop is the problem and Parliament has spoken with a definitive voice to reject it.

We want to reach a deal which can provide certainty for business but that also is in the long-term interests of Northern Ireland. It must be one which respects the economic and constitutional integrity of the United Kingdom.  Northern Ireland cannot be left as a rule taker, running to Dublin to seek changes to the rules governing our core industries.

Whilst there have been positive voices from Brussels about the need to seek creative solutions, such commentary will now be tested. There needs to be a political will to reach a consensus which works for the United Kingdom and also the European Union.

The Prime Minister must stand strong and press for the necessary legally binding changes.”

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