Participation, not spectating required from Sinn Fein

09 January 2019

East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has asked whether Sinn Fein intends to take its own advice about listening to the views of wider society.  Mr Campbell said Sinn Fein MPs are little more than political spectators in the public gallery.

Gregory Campbell MP

DUP Spokesman on International Development and Cabinet Office

Gregory Campbell

Commenting further the DUP MP said,

“Sinn Fein appears to revel in its own irrelevance. At a time when votes in the House of Commons have never been more crucial, Sinn Fein MPs stand on the side-lines as little more than political commentators.

Only yesterday Chris Hazzard said the DUP should reflect the view of civic society in Northern Ireland and abandon our opposition to the current Withdrawal Agreement.  There is an almost stunning level of irony in an MP who refuses to represent anyone attempting to tell others how they should vote in Parliament.

It is Sinn Fein’s narrow republican agenda which drives its policy of abstentionism, just as their own party interests and preconditions have prevented the restoration of Stormont. They are happy to piously lecture others, but are Chris Hazzard and his colleagues prepared to turn up to the House of Commons and do the job they were elected to do?

Time and again Sinn Fein are happy to make demands of others which they are unprepared to meet themselves. Chris Hazzard’s comments demonstrate that he and his colleagues are happy on the side-lines with no influence or input anywhere. Participation, not spectating is what is required.”

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