Only a working Assembly can deliver more affordable homes

16 February 2017

East Antrim DUP Assembly Candidate Gordon Lyons has highlighted how we need a working Assembly to deliver more affordable homes.

Gordon Lyons MLA

Gordon Lyons

Commenting on the DUP’s priority Mr Lyons said:

“In the 2011-2016 Assembly term the DUP doubled the annual funding for Co-Ownership Housing Scheme in Northern Ireland. This was in recognition of the problems many young people faced getting on to the property ladder.

Although the property market is improving, the DUP recognise there are still many young people who face obstacles in buying their first home.

This is why Minister Givan had prioritised affordable homes as a key issue. He committed to continue supporting Co-Ownership and the purchase of 3,000 new affordable homes.

Direct Rule puts such work at risk. A Direct Rule Minister would not be focused on the needs of young couples trying to get on the property ladder. This is why the DUP is committed to getting the Assembly back and working again on the issues that matter to everyone.”

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