Northern Ireland needs an honest and holistic approach to the past: Donaldson

29 November 2019

Lagan Valley DUP candidate Sir Jeffrey Donaldson said,

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson

Parliamentary Chief Whip; Spokesman on Defence and business in the House of Commons

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson

"Ninety percent of those who died during the Troubles were killed by paramilitaries yet the balance of investigations is disproportionately against former police officers and soldiers. A one-sided approach only serves those who want to re-write the past and glorify terrorism.

Our troubled past can only be dealt with effectively in an honest and holistic manner, not the partial way republicans would wish.

The Democratic Unionist Party last year, in its submission to the legacy consultation process indicated to the Northern Ireland Office that substantial changes were required to the draft bill dealing with Northern Ireland legacy issues arising from the Stormont House Agreement.

In addition to our views, over 17,000 people responded to that consultation indicating that changes were required.

We have made clear to the Government that without changes to the legacy proposals and specifically to the proposed Historical Investigations Unit (HIU), we will oppose any attempts to force through these measures in Parliament.  Our message is clear, if the Government press forward without significant changes we will oppose them.  This includes our continuing opposition to any proposal to include investigations on alleged non-criminal misconduct by Police Officers who are retired.

The Democratic Unionist Party will not support any measures that are one-sided and unfair to those who defended us through the most difficult days in our Province."

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