“Northern Ireland needs a strong team at Westminster” says Girvan

19 May 2017

South Antrim DUP Westminster Candidate Paul Girvan MLA has today called on voters in the upcoming General Election to return a strong DUP team to Westminster.

Paul Girvan MP

Paul Girvan

Mr Girvan said that only the Democratic Unionist Party have the strength to have influence and that smaller parties and abstentionist parties can’t offer the representation that Northern Ireland requires.

Commenting while on the campaign trial in Antrim Mr Girvan said, “The General Election on June 8th presents the people of Northern Ireland with the chance to once again send a strong Democratic Unionist team to Westminster to be their voice on the issues that matter most to them.

Northern Ireland’s interests are not best served by smaller parties with one or two MPs and they’re not served at all by parties whose MPs don’t take their seats.  The people of Northern Ireland need a strong team who will stand up and speak out for them in the House of Commons and exert the maximum influence on the new Government as they possibly can.  During the last Parliament, the DUP team at Westminster were able to use their influence to benefit Northern Ireland and during the next parliamentary term we will avail of every opportunity to do the same.

The DUP are the only party with the strength to stand up for Northern Ireland and get the best deal for our country.  We are presenting to the electorate the strongest, most talented and most experienced team of candidates, many of whom are already tried and tested when it comes to speaking up for Northern Ireland.

On June 8th we need unionists in every part of our Province, including those who stayed at home or voted for other unionist parties in March, to unite behind their strongest unionist team.  Northern Ireland needs one strong unionist voice leading from the front to protect our place in the Union and ensure that Northern Ireland’s interests are always advanced.  We are that team and we are that voice”.

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