Northern Ireland must not be held in EU prison

31 January 2020

DUP Brexit Spokesman Sammy Wilson said,

Sammy Wilson

DUP Parliamentary Spokesman on Education, Treasury and the Department of Work & Pensions.

Sammy Wilson

“At 11.00 this evening, the United Kingdom will break free from the EU prison.

As we leave the dank dungeon which has bound our economy, stunted our growth and restricted our economic freedom, it is important that the government does not allow the EU to continue its control through conditions attached in the negotiations which now have to follow about what our relationship is outside the walls of the European Union.

It is especially important for Northern Ireland that the concessions given to the EU in the Withdrawal Agreement do not leave us in the EU prison yard or acting as a part of the United Kingdom released only under licence.

It is already apparent from what EU negotiators are saying that they will be aiming to keep Britain on a very short leash and if the Prime Minister and the government do not robustly oppose the EU in these future negotiations then Brexit will not be done. There must be no agreement to allow the EU to continue to impose its regulations on any part of the UK, demand immense amounts of money for access to the EU market, or restrict our ability to do the trade deals we wish with other parts of the world.

Fortunately the Prime Minister does not have a treacherous fifth column in the House of Commons with the power to restrict his hand in negotiations and act as the EU’s agents within Britain. Now is the time to flex his muscles and use the majority which the people of the UK have given him to properly break away from the malign influence of the European Union. Today we can celebrate the first step in achieving what people voted for in the referendum to make Britain a free democracy again.”

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