No special EU status for N.I. says Wilson

01 February 2017

Speaking during N.I. questions in the House of Commons today Sammy Wilson asked the Sec of State for N.I. to confirm that there would be no special EU status for N.I. ‘s sought by the government and that N.I. would leave the EU on the same terms as the UK. He said;

Sammy Wilson

DUP Parliamentary Spokesman on Education, Treasury and the Department of Work & Pensions.

Sammy Wilson

“The government has quite rightly embarked on an exercise to identify the issues which affect different regions and different sectors of the economy and as much as possible build them in to the negotiating position that the government will take.

However I as the Sec of State to give an assurance that whatever the issues in N.I. including the border issue that N.I. will leave the EU on the same basis as the rest of the UK. Will he assure us that there will be no special status, separate arrangements or different conditions which would mean that N.I.’s position as a part of the UK would be changed.

I welcome the assurance given by the Sec of State but given that Sinn Fein now intend to make this an election issue and a condition for the setting up of the Assembly after the election I hope that those who voted to leave the EU and those who while voting to remain now want the certainty of this issue being resolved will use the election to thwart Sinn Fein’s anti unionist and pro EU agenda."

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