Narrow Water hate crime attack condemned

25 May 2017

South Down DUP Westminster candidate Diane Forsythe has branded the attack on a memorial to the soldiers murdered by the PIRA at Narrow Water as a hate crime.

Commenting she said, “This is a disgraceful attack on the memorial to soldiers who were brutally murdered by the Provisional IRA. It is clearly a hate crime and I hope the police will be investigating it as such. It can have been motivated by nothing more than bigotry and unfortunately repeats a pattern we have seen all too often before against other memorials to those murdered by the IRA across Northern Ireland. It is not the first time either that this memorial has been subject to attack.


Unfortunately we still have those within our society here who seek to glorify the terrorism carried out in Northern Ireland. I would hope those responsible for this can be identified and brought to justice. Anyone with who might have information which could help must pass it on to the police.”

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