Middleton condemns wreckless pipe bomb attack

22 August 2017

Foyle DUP MLA Gary Middleton has condemned those responsible for a pipe bomb attack at a house in Londonderry overnight.

Gary Middleton MLA

Member of the Environment Committee

Gary Middleton

He said, "This activity is wreckless and senseless. Paramilitary activity has no place in our society today and those who still continue to cling to criminality and violence are to be unequivocally condemned for their actions.

It is concerning that in our city last night both a petrol bomb and pipe bomb was hurled at a house in the Waterside. Thankfully the pipe did not go off or today we could be dealing with the loss of life. Those responsible intended to cause harm and intimidate. It is truly sickening that some people believe this is acceptable behaviour.

Our communities have suffered too much in the past to have this type of activity present in our towns in 2017. I totally utterly condemn those responsible, they clearly place no worth on the safety of our community. They are not representative of the vast majority of Northern Ireland, who want to move forward and live in peace.

I want to pay tribute to the community for their patience last night as the PSNI worked to deal with the incident. I would urge anyone with any information on this disgraceful attack to bring that forward to the PSNI immediately."

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