McCann border statement ‘irresponsible’ – Campbell

06 May 2019

East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has hit out at newly elected Councillor Eamonn McCann who had indicated in a BBC Radio interview that his party, People Before Profit, will encourage civil disobedience ‘if there is a hard border’.

Mr Campbell said,

“This is a reckless and dangerous statement to make.  Everyone from Juncker and Varadkar to May have accepted that there will not be any so called hard border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. The geography and terrain makes it an utter impossibility for such an outcome to materialise.

A statement as absurd and irresponsible as this about something that isn't going to happen, only serves to exploit genuine fears and inflame tensions.

His statement comes in the immediate aftermath of a media circus surrounding him and others winning some seats on Councils.  This supposedly being a breakthrough for the 'centre ground'. With statements like this, it’s the politics of extremism not the centre..

Indeed the glossed over fact of the ‘centre ground’ surge has been the election of a spokesman for the dissident republicans.  He was elected with almost a 20% increase in his vote.  Whilst some parts of Northern Ireland may have seen people rejecting dissident republican ideology at the polls, this was not the case in Londonderry.”

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