Mayhem on our streets achieves nothing – Middleton

08 July 2018

Foyle DUP MLA Gary Middleton has condemned those responsible for attacks in the Fountain area of Londonderry last night.

Gary Middleton MLA

Member of the Environment Committee

Gary Middleton

Mr Middleton commented, “Last night was a night of violence and terror on the streets of Londonderry. This cannot continue. Mayhem on our streets achieves nothing. Lives are being put at risk and many are living in fear.

There are elements within Republicanism deliberately intent on trying to raise tensions in the run up to one of the largest Unionist cultural expressions on Thursday. It is deeply worrying the lengths that those involved are determined to go to by endangering life and property, as result of intolerance. There is no justification for hurling up to 30 petrol bombs and seeking havoc.

This morning alongside DUP Councillor Drew Thompson, we met with residents and the PSNI. The residents of the Fountain want to live in peace, side by side. Those involved, sadly including children do not care about the community or our City. Their actions are reprehensible.

I want to commend the Police for the work they carried out around the clock last night to prevent loss of life. Their officers were on the front line. Those responsible must be apprehended for the destruction and fear they have caused. Leadership from all sides must be shown to stomp out any further activity and I would appeal from calm.”

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