Lyons welcomes sentencing for sinister terrorism activity

31 July 2017

DUP East Antrim MLA Gordon Lyons has welcomed a sentence for former Royal Marine Ciaran Maxwell who was found guilty of a series of terrorist charges.

Gordon Lyons MLA

Gordon Lyons

He said:

"Mr Maxwell’s deplorable actions were designed to cripple both people and vital infrastructure. His thorough plans to attack power and police stations were all part of a dissident Republican attempt to undermine the security situation here in Northern Ireland. As is evident from today’s judgement these plans have failed.

I would like to commend the vigilant members of the public who assisted the PSNI in bringing this terrorist to justice. Undoubtedly, their actions saved lives. As a result Mr Maxwell will now spend 18 years in prison for a very serious and sinister crime.

Whilst we must continue to remain vigilant, it is important to remember that Mr Maxwell represents a small number of people who are determined to drag us back to violence. It is important that people who think this type of activity is appropriate are prevented from exploiting the current political vacuum and it is imperative that those holding up the formation of an Executive get back around the table to provide stability.”       

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