Lurgan device find a reminder of severe threat posed by dissidents – Lockhart

05 February 2020

Commenting on the discovery of an explosive device in Silverwood Industrial Estate, Lurgan, DUP MP Carla Lockhart said:

Carla Lockhart MLA

Carla Lockhart

“Once again the community in Lurgan are dealing with the mindless antics of a small minority who wish to cause devastation and destruction in Lurgan.

This has obviously caused local businesses considerable disruption. However as always, the stark reality is that when devices like this are left, lives could be lost.

Only today in the House of Commons the Northern Ireland Office restated that the threat in Northern Ireland remains severe. Our thanks go to those in the PSNI and security services who protect us from this threat and I would appeal for anyone with information to bring it to the PSNI.”

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