Londonderry City Deal will be a catalyst to local economy

21 September 2017

East Londonderry DUP MP Gregory Campbell and Foyle DUP MLA Gary Middleton have welcomed signs of future engagement with stakeholders on the City Deal for Londonderry plans.

Gregory Campbell MP

DUP Spokesman on International Development and Cabinet Office

Gregory Campbell

It comes on the back of a letter sent to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Rt Hon Sajid Javid by the DUP MP Gregory Campbell.

He said, “The North West has always been in great need of investment and the City Deal will act as a further catalyst, boosting our local economy. With the levels of economic inactivity and unemployment in the area, it is important that the Government recognise fully the need of such a deal in Londonderry.

During the summer I wrote to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Rt Hon Sajid Javid to ask about the progression of the City Deal. I am glad that the Secretary of State James Brokenshire has indicated that NIO and DCLG officials will be meeting with Council representatives to discuss the City Deal opportunities for the North West. It is important that as a Region the North West takes advantage of the significant public sector investment coming our way for example in the improving roads infrastructure over the next few years. We intend to meet with them for early engagement on the way forward.”

Gary Middleton MLA for Foyle added, “The ambitious nature of the City Deal plans would mean more jobs and further improvements to our City, benefitting all who live here. Supporting growth is necessary for Northern Ireland as a whole. It is important we have engagement and put forward the needs of Londonderry, who has a strong case for a City Deal.

I welcome this latest step forward in the City Deal for Londonderry and I hope any future discussions are positive and constructive. Londonderry needs investment to sustain and boost our local economy. At present engagement is key so that we can continue to improve the economic outlook in the North West.”

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