Londonderry a cold house for veterans?

10 February 2017

East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has commented onnews that organisers of a parade by veterans to Londonderry’s War Memorial have withdrawn their application

Gregory Campbell MP

DUP Spokesman on International Development and Cabinet Office

Gregory Campbell

He said, "There has been a huge disparity in how former terrorists and former soldiers are being treated in relation to activities, most of which occurred 30 or 40 years ago. Terrorists belonged to organisations, 100% of whose membership were committed to terror and killing, former soldiers belonged to an organisation whose membership was there to try and prevent the terrorists from killing, in doing so a very small number of those soldiers may have been responsible for actions that could be unlawful. There is little pursuit of the 100% of terrorists while considerable evidence of action recently relating to pursuing a number of former soldiers, some of whom have already been told they have no case to answer.    

It is regrettable that the veterans parade due to be held in Londonderry next month to highlight this injustice is being postponed. The fact that this has happened after what amounts to threats of intimidation by republicans,(including some dissident groups) is all the more reprehensible. To threaten counter protests against a peaceful parade to the cenotaph where a wreath would have been laid, demonstrates how far some are prepared to go to deny legitimate rights to others from whom they disagree.

This now makes the need for the NIO and the Government to act, all the more urgent, whether a statute of limitations or other such change in legislation, but those who serve in our Police and Army today need to know that they will not fear pursuit in 40 years time while dissident terrorists of today sleep soundly in their beds.

Those objecting to this event are trying to turn Londonderry into a cold house for veterans, their forerunners did likewise as they sought to make it the same for Unionists."

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