Lockhart condemns Armistice Day protest

28 October 2017

DUP MLA Carla Lockhart has condemned a planned protest by Republican Sinn Fein aimed to coincide with the Armistice Day ceremony in Lurgan.

Carla Lockhart MLA

Carla Lockhart

This week Republican Sinn Fein were leafleting areas of Lurgan and Craigavon to drum up support for their planned protest.


The annual Armistice Day parade held on the eleventh hour of the eleventh month marks the end of conflict in WW1 and the signing of the surrender and an agreed retreat by German forces in 1918.


Speaking on the planned protest Carla Lockhart said, “It is no surprise that a group like RSF attempts to build faux outrage on the eve of a solemn act of remembrance. Armistice Day remembers those who died in the two World Wars including many Irish citizens who fought to keep Europe free from the tyranny of Hitler.


Perhaps those who seek to hijack such an occasion would do well to reflect that if the Allied troops had not bravely defended our civil and religious liberties they may not have the freedom to plan such a protest.


I have spoken with the PSNI regarding the legality of such a protest and what resources they will have to ensure there is no disruption to the Armistice Day ceremony. If these protesters feel they have a grievance they can of course use the appropriate channels to air these and not in such a crass and antagonistic way on the 11th November.”

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