Libyan assets should fund compensation for victims: Campbell

09 April 2019

East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has welcomed the hard-hitting report from the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee which highlights the failure of successive governments to support victims of Libyan sponsored terrorism and calls for a reparations fund for victims of IRA attacks assisted by the Gaddafi regime.

Gregory Campbell MP

DUP Spokesman on International Development and Cabinet Office

Gregory Campbell

The DUP MP is a member of the NI Affairs Committee. He welcomed the report saying,

“The issue of compensation for victims of Libyan sponsored terrorism is an ongoing injustice which must be addressed. This is something the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee has pursued in the past, including when former Prime Minister Tony Blair refused to give evidence in person to the Committee.

It was DUP MPs who previously pressed for a compensation scheme to be brought forward in lieu of money coming from Libya. That proposal should still be taken forward whilst attempts are made to secure compensation directly from the Libyan authorities.

HM Treasury has confirmed that Libyan assets held in the UK are not exempt from tax so there is a source of revenue for compensation whilst attempts are made to progress talks with Libya. It is absolutely vital that the Government reveals the value of tax collected from these assets. The victims of terrorism who suffered at the hands of Libyan supplied weaponry deserve to be compensated in the same way that victims of Libyan sponsored terrorism in other countries were.

The report rightly highlights that the rhetoric from Government has not been matched by action. DUP MPs both in the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee and elsewhere will continue to press for action to be forthcoming. This campaign has been running for over a decade now but the sense of injustice is undiminished despite the passage of time.”

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