Lets Protect our Animals Better

22 November 2019

South Belfast DUP candidate Emma Little Pengelly has said the DUP’s plan to get Northern Ireland moving again includes proposals to protect our animals better.

Emma Little Pengelly

Emma Little Pengelly

Commenting, she said:

“Northern Ireland has made progress in terms of animal welfare legislation, but we want to do more. A restored Assembly can make changes which would deliver even higher standards of care for our animals.

The DUP has a plan for Northern Ireland which includes proposals for further legislative and policy action. These include the creation of specific offences for pet theft and pet kidnap. Between 2015 and 2017 nearly 200 pets were stolen across Northern Ireland and just 6 were returned to their owners.

There must also be more effective sanctions against those who mistreat animals with a 5 year minimum sentence for animal cruelty as well as a centrally compiled “Banned Offenders” register.

As well as these proposals and examining how a scheme to micro-chip cats can be implemented there is a need for greater public awareness. From school we can help create a culture of responsible pet ownership. Protecting our animals better can be part of getting Northern Ireland moving again.”

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