Jim Shannon MP brings forward debate on forced organ donation in China

12 October 2016

Today in the Houses of Parliament, Strangford MP Jim Shannon has brought forward a debate on the harrowing nature of forced organ donation in China, carried out by the Falun Gong.

Jim Shannon MP

Spokesman on Health, Transport and Equality.

Jim Shannon

The nature of on-demand organ transplants in China came to light in 2006, when a report was published which gave credibility to the claims that the Chinese authorities were harvesting organs.

Jim Shannon MP said, “This is an extremely distressing and upsetting topic for discussion, however it is nonetheless an important one as lives are being put at risk on a daily basis, due to the lack of a functional donation system.

There are harrowing reports of the practice of forced organ harvesting which state the removal of internal organs from live individuals for transplant.

Shockingly, Chinese hospitals have informally confirmed the use of Falun Gong prisoners as a primary organ source. In 2014, the Chinese medical establishment pledged that it would stop all organ harvesting from prisoners, yet the velocity of China’s organ harvesting industry does not suggest a retraction, but further acceleration of the practice.”

Mr Shannon continued, “I understand the pain of waiting for an organ transplant. However, to actually take blood tests and kill for the purpose of an organ removal is murder and nothing else. Those who are carrying out this practice must be made to understand that it can never be acceptable no matter the circumstance.

We have a duty to do all in our power to diplomatically apply any pressure we have to say this practice must stop – for simple moral decency and human rights, this cannot continue in any way shape or form.”

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