Irwin – “SF must clarify & apologise for insulting Kingsmill video”

06 January 2018

DUP MLA for Newry & Armagh William Irwin has called on the Sinn Fein leadership to clarify and apologise for a bizarre video posted by their West Tyrone MP Barry McElduff.

William Irwin MLA

Deputy Chair of the Infrastructure Committee

William Irwin

In the video posted at 00:05 on 5th January 2018, the West Tyrone MP walks around a shop with a Kingsmill 50/50 loaf on his head.  The 5th January was the 42nd anniversary of the IRA murdering ten innocent workmen at Kingsmill.

The DUP MLA said,

“Yesterday was a difficult day for the families of the ten men murdered at Kingsmill. They held a small dignified service at the memorial for the families.  They continue to grieve in the absence of justice.

The Sinn Fein leadership must give an explanation as to why their Member of Parliament would post such a bizarre video. Was it tomfoolery or a blatant insult to innocent victims? The timing and brand of bread raises many questions about the motivation behind this video.

Given Sinn Fein’s repeated insensitivity to victims and glorification of terrorists, PIRA victims throughout the United Kingdom have interpreted this video as a calculated and deliberate insult.

Regardless of what explanation Mr McElduff or his party would attempt to offer, they should apologise to the families of those murdered at Kingsmill. Whilst Barry McElduff may undoubtedly be guilty of both ignorance and stupidity, neither justifies or explains his behaviour."


Note to Readers:

A screenshot from the video can be viewed here:

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