Irwin meets with Kingsmills families

18 May 2017

Newry & Armagh DUP Assemblyman William Irwin MLA today accompanied DUP Leader Arlene Foster MLA to meet the Kingsmills families.

William Irwin MLA

Deputy Chair of the Infrastructure Committee

William Irwin

Mr Irwin said he continued to be impressed by the “absolute dignity and determination for justice” displayed by the families.


He stated, “I have kept in regular contact with the families and I continue to be impressed by their absolute dignity and determination to see justice served for this heinous atrocity.”


He continued, “It is concerning that the Irish government has failed to honour, in any meaningful way, a promise issued in 2015 to supply the inquest with information relevant to the investigation of this case.


I am also shocked by revelations that a key suspect in the atrocity has been linked to 45 other murders during the troubles. We also know that weapons used at Kingsmills were also used in subsequent IRA murders and this underpins the absolute importance of this investigation progressing and requests for information being fully facilitated.


There is no question that the IRA sanctioned this attack and despite repeated attempts to distance themselves from this atrocity every uncovered fact points directly to the IRA.”


He concluded, “I along with my Party Leader will continue to give all the necessary support to the Kingsmills families and I stand fully behind their continuing quest for justice.”

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