Irish PM’s comments another unhelpful intervention: Givan

16 October 2019

Lagan Valley MLA Paul Givan has said that comments from Leo Varadkar on the restoration of devolution undermine the three-stranded process on which political process in Northern Ireland has been built and said the Irish Prime Minister cannot pick and choose which elements of the Belfast Agreement he supports.

Paul Givan MLA

Minister for Communities

Paul Givan

The DUP MLA said, “Leo Varadkar’s commentary on a return to devolution is yet another unhelpful intervention. The restoration and functioning of the Northern Ireland Assembly is entirely a matter for the parties in Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom government. The Irish Government has no role in this area.

The Irish Prime Minister is never slow to remind everyone of his commitment to the Belfast Agreement but this interference is another example of a his cavalier attitude. Mr Varadkar cannot just pick elements from an agreement which happen to advance his particular agenda.

The three-stranded approach has been a foundation of political progress in Northern Ireland and interventions from Mr Varadkar which undermine that principle are neither welcome nor productive.

The DUP is committed to the restoration of the Assembly and to moving Northern Ireland forward. The challenge must be issued to all parties whether they will block and boycott or whether they will step forward and play a constructive role in the process.”

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