Irish no deal plans lift lid on Withdrawal Agreement impact for Northern Ireland

21 December 2018

East Antrim DUP MP Sammy Wilson has said that no-deal plans published by the Irish Government lift the lid on the truth behind Brussel’s spin and what the Irish government was happy to impose upon Northern Ireland under the Withdrawal Agreement.

Sammy Wilson MP

DUP Parliamentary Spokesman on Education, Treasury and the Department of Work & Pensions.

Sammy Wilson

The contingency plans include the purchase of land at Dublin port and Rosslare to prevent congestion because of new customs, sanitary and animal health checks at the sea ports.

Mr Wilson said, “When sanitary and animal health checks are to be carried out between Northern Ireland and Scotland under the Withdrawal Agreement, we are told they are no barrier to trade. However, when they are to be carried out between the Republic of Ireland and Wales, under a no-deal Brexit, then they require the purchase of extra land at ports to accommodate the lorries awaiting inspection. This lifts the lid on the truth which lies behind the Brussels spin machine.

The Irish government has argued for a backstop to prevent a hard north-south border.  Yet the hard border is absent from their ‘no deal’ planning. Their hard border spin has been exposed as nothing short of a Dublin conceived and Brussel’s delivered mirage.

Evidently, the Republic of Ireland has always recognised that no hard border would be erected. What they really wanted however was that the disruption to trade be kept inside the United Kingdom.

The impossibility of a hard border is further reinforced by the fact that the Irish Army can’t even accurately identify the number of crossing points there are on the border. Within a year, they found they had missed 100 of them on their last survey. If they can’t find roads what chance do they have of finding underground tunnels that smugglers might use to avoid the so-called hard border!!

This Irish government report must leave those who fell for the hard border con trick with egg all over their red-faces.

The Irish insistence on the backstop could have backfired. Instead of seeking a sensible way forward and working to achieve free trade deal that could work for everyone, they insisted instead on an unnecessary and unacceptable backstop which has only increased the chances of a no-deal Brexit and the kind of checks at Dublin port they are now having to prepare for.”

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