Humphrey calls on UUP North Belfast candidate to come clean on transfers

06 February 2017

Reacting to the North Belfast UUP candidate’s remarks in North Belfast News on voter transfers, DUP candidate William Humphrey has asked Robert Foster to come clean on whether the UUP are advocating transfers to other unionist parties. 

William Humphrey MLA

Chair of the Infrastructure Committee

William Humphrey

Mr Humphrey said, "Mike Nesbitt and the UUP candidate in North Belfast need to come clean and for the record state unequivocally and unambiguously exactly what advice UUP candidates and election workers will be giving to pro-Union voters on the door steps, with regard to second and third preference votes. Indeed, they also need to state clearly whether will they give a clear instruction on their election literature?

As ever, the DUP will be advising our voters to transfer to other pro-Union parties, both on the doors and on our election literature.

In West Belfast Mike Nesbitt needs to clarify his party's stance especially since in May of last year only 89, votes stood between the pro-Union people in that constituency and the election of a Unionist MLA.

If they fail to answer, then the pro-Union people of Northern Ireland must conclude that the UUP have now joined the ranks of the Alliance party and are now ambivalent on the Union.

When asked if he would be encouraging UUP voters in North Belfast to transfer to the SDLP candidate, Mr Foster said he would urge them to vote for 'whoever they believe will serve them best in the Assembly.'

This is the same as the SDLP which wants to destroy the Union, who are campaigning for 'Joint Authority' and actively opposes traditional Orange parades in North and West Belfast."

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