Hamilton - “SF seem to have ‘checked out’ of NI politics”

27 November 2017

Responding to Sinn Fein’s refusal to re-enter talks at Stormont aimed at restoring devolution, DUP MLA Simon Hamilton said,

Simon Hamilton MLA

Minister for the Economy

Simon Hamilton

"Sinn Fein brought Stormont down almost a year ago. Now they're refusing to re-enter talks aimed at re-establishing the Executive. Sinn Fein voters, as much as voters for any party, need a government up and running again to deal with issues in health, in housing, in education and in the economy. One would be forgiven for coming to the conclusion that Sinn Fein have "checked out" of politics in Northern Ireland and are now only interested in the politics of the Irish Republic.

Once again, Sinn Fein use the excuse of previous agreements not being honoured. An excuse which, time and again, has been proven to hold no water.

We remain ready to re-engage in talks but Northern Ireland cannot go on indefinitely without Ministers to take important decisions.

If Sinn Fein are now opting out entirely, then we need to move fast to other options that allow the people of Northern Ireland to have the government they need.”

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