Grandparent pension alert on childcare - Campbell

11 September 2019

East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell said,

Gregory Campbell

DUP Spokesman on International Development and Cabinet Office

Gregory Campbell

"Tens of thousands of grandparents in Northern Ireland who care for a child under 12 could benefit from a little known Government scheme. In recent years with either both parents or a single parent working and childcare proving difficult, grandparents often fulfil a role looking after a young child during the parents' working hours. In the past year over ten thousand applications across the UK were made through what is called 'Specified Adult Childcare Credits'. Pro rata this probably means only around 250 / 300 people in Northern Ireland benefited from it.

In Northern Ireland there are many households where either one or two parents are working, and given the cost of childcare it can often be the case that a grandparent cares for a child. This scheme could help grandparents at no cost to either parent or grandparent in enhancing their pension entitlement. I am writing to employers in my constituency to make them aware that they may have employees who could benefit and providing the contact details for the scheme. 

This effectively means that a grandparent who is caring for a child under 12, (assuming the grandparent is not working elsewhere) is entitled to claim National Insurance Credits which would add to their own pension if they themselves did not have enough years contributions for a full State Pension. There is no payment required from either parent or grandparent and the grandparent still secures a pension addition. A Director of the Royal London, and former pensions Minister, Sir Steve Webb said recently "Whilst it is great news that thousands more grandparents are benefiting from this scheme, the numbers are still a drop in the ocean out of all those who could benefit." He is absolutely right. These credits can also, in certain circumstances, be claimed retrospectively.

I would strongly urge anyone who thinks they may benefit from this advantageous scheme to contact 0300 200 3500."

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