Girvan - Will Kearney “Stand Up Against Sectarianism?”

01 November 2017

DUP MP for South Antrim Paul Girvan has urged SF Chairman and South Antrim MLA Declan Kearney to unambiguously condemn the treatment of Peadar Heffron by Creggan Kickhams GAC in Randalstown.

Paul Girvan MP

Paul Girvan

Paul Girvan said:


“This is a question of leadership for Declan Kearney. There have been serious allegations of bullying and bigotry in his constituency, yet his silence has been deafening. Mr Kearney also has an association with the Club in question. Hiding behind an anonymous Connolly House spokesman isn’t good enough.


We need to hear from Declan Kearney himself. Was the treatment of Mr Heffron wrong? Does he condemn those responsible? Does he believe the Club should make clear that any member who wishes to join the PSNI now is encouraged to do so?


Mr Kearney has a long track record of pointing the finger at others for a failure of political leadership. He is also a self-styled anti-sectarianism champion. Indeed, tonight he will sit on a panel at a SF “Stand Up Against Sectarianism” event in Belfast.


It’s time for Declan Kearney to “Stand Up”.”

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