Frew launches Private Members bill consultation for tougher sentencing on A&E staff assaults

19 January 2017

Paul Frew today has launched an 8 week Consultation on his Private Members bill to bring in tougher sentencing for people who assault Accident and Emergency Staff in the course of their duties .

Paul Frew MLA

Chair of the Justice Committee

Paul Frew

Paul Frew stated, " When I was elected last May one of my commitments to the people was to bring forward a Private Members bill to bring assaults on A&E staff into line with Police, Firefighters and Ambulance workers.

I intend to consult with all members of the public and with all members of the Health Service but this initial survey is for the actual people who work in the specific department of A&E to ascertain what their thoughts are on this issue.

I believe there is great need to protect the people who protect us from harm."

Paul Frew continued, "Staff working in A&E face enormous pressures on a daily basis administrating first aid and healthcare to people who need it quickly and urgently. On many ocasions they have to also be aware of the threat to their own health. Staff have been left with fractured bones, damaged eyes, broken noses after they were punched, kicked and manhandled by violent patients. They have had their hair ripped out, bitten and scratched. This has a massive impact on their health even when they can return to work but the very fact that that staff member is having to take time away from the front line could put other lifes at risk too

Any legislation I manage to make will not stop all assaults but it would bring in tougher sentencing that hopefully will act as a deterrent and make people realise the service that these workers provide, I have no doubt it is up there with Police Officers, Firefighters & Ambulance workers."

The link below for A&E staff to complete survey which closes on March 13th 2017.

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