Electoral office must review Greencastle polling station - Buchanan

10 May 2018

West Tyrone DUP MLA Thomas Buchanan has called for the closure of Greencastle polling station.

Thomas Buchanan MLA

Thomas Buchanan

On Polling Day at the West Tyrone by-election, a man with a gun entered that polling station. It has been reported the gunman sought the DUP person. 

Commenting Mr Buchanan said,

“The DUP has written to the Chief Electoral Officer seeking a meeting about the Greencastle polling station. 

I had polling agents at a number of the polling stations on election day.  I am so thankful that there was not a DUP polling agent in Greencastle when the gunman entered the polling station.  The intent was clear therefore the outcome could have been unthinkable. 

I have had DUP voters indicate that they are no longer comfortable voting in that polling station and I would not be prepared to ask any of my supporters to act as polling agents at that polling station in the future.

The electoral office need to review the matter and ultimately seek a new polling station location. We also need a complete review of security at polling stations.  On this occasion, a police patrol was near by. Had the incident occurred an hour earlier, the police response would not have been as fast given the geography of the area.

Finally, I commend the staff on duty at the polling station.  Their composure and professionalism in the face of terror was incredible.”

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