Economy Minister comments on the last United Airlines’ flight from Belfast to Newark

09 January 2017

Economy Minister Simon Hamilton MLA has commented on the last United Airlines flight from Belfast to Newark.

Simon Hamilton MLA

Minister for the Economy

Simon Hamilton

The Minister said: “It is deeply regrettable that today sees the departure from Belfast International Airport of United Airlines last direct flight to Newark. Along with the International Airport, the Executive agreed a package of financial support last summer that was aimed at maintaining this important business and tourism route.  Unfortunately, that offer of assistance was thwarted by Brussels bureaucrats. 

"I continue to work closely with the International Airport to explore other possible air routes to North America and I am pleased that we have been working together on some options.  I also intend to announce the establishment of a new Air Routes Task Force in the coming weeks and that will help us to identify key routes that Northern Ireland's airports should be targeting and suggesting possible policy interventions and initiatives to attract airlines.”

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