Economies across the UK need to benefit from Brexit - Campbell

29 March 2017

Speaking after the Prime Minister triggered the official mechanism to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union, East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell said,

Gregory Campbell

DUP Spokesman on International Development and Cabinet Office

Gregory Campbell

 “The Prime Minister has triggered Article 50 and the entire nation now prepares to leave the EU. No one knows what the European Union will look like when we finally go through the exit door. Many of those who voted to remain did so in the belief they were voting for certainty rather than the uncertainty of leaving. It becomes more apparent with every election that takes place across the EU that even there uncertainty rules and so we await to see what happens across Europe.

The most important thing for us as UK citizens is what happens over the course of the next two years and what our respective economies begin to look like thereafter. I have tabled a Question in Parliament to coincide with this historic event. Building a successful UK, which is what Theresa May has repeatedly said she wants, is much more likely if all parts of the nation are benefitting with thriving economies delivering improved job prospects and better infrastructure.

The Prime Minister and this Government can do more to cement the UK together than almost any other single decision taken previously, by ensuring that as we forge more and better trade deals with the growing economies beyond the EU, that all the regions beyond the more prosperous South East of England benefit also.”

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