DUP launches Public Consultation Document of House of Lords reform

04 September 2019

On the launch of a public consultation document of reforming the House of Lords, Lord Morrow commented:

“This consultation document sets out the DUP’s present thinking on the immediate and substantive reform of the House of Lords.

In the short-term, it outlines a variety of measures the DUP believes would see the House of Lords reduced in size and a fairer institution.  However, we are conscious that substantive reform of the House of Lords is once again a matter of debate. We believe it is appropriate to examine how to refresh the United Kingdom’s constitution and political institutions after we leave the European Union.

In these consultative proposals the DUP outlines:

  •     A House of Lords smaller than the House of Commons – these proposals are based on a size of 576.
  •     400 elected positions (almost 70% of total membership) with a bias to strengthening regional representation in the second chamber.
  •     150 of the existing peers would serve in the reformed chamber with a number a caucus system of election for 100 of them, hereditary peers would be reduced in half to 45 and 5 direct Prime Ministerial picks.  Lords Spiritual would be maintained.
  •     Regulatory framework aligned with the House of Commons.
  •     Inclusion of the Salisbury Convention in the Standing Orders of the House of Lords.
  •     Possible and limited increase in powers and reforms to its operation.

In any constitutional reform it is important to balance necessary adaption while retaining the positives of the existing system and that is why we believe public engagement on these matters are important."

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