DUP welcomes response to Childcare policy paper

09 September 2019

DUP South Belfast MP Emma Little Pengelly has thanked all those who have contributed to our Childcare Policy.

Emma Little Pengelly

Emma Little Pengelly

She said,

“Childcare and the costs that parents face are a major problem for families in Northern Ireland. We have been working to ensure we solve this, with fresh ideas to help family life and improve standards for children. Childcare policy shaping is important for our future generations.

The DUP wishes to see a long-term approach to childcare that can meet the needs of families. We want parents to have access to good quality and affordable childcare, so that they can stay in training or employment and contribute to our growing economy.

Furthermore, we want to enable all types of childcare providers to provide high quality, accessible childcare, whilst ensuring the childcare workforce is valued.

Since we started our public consultation, we have had good engagement from parents to childcare providers and educational experts, sharing their views with us. Thank you to all those who responded, as your views will help shape our policy going forward and we will continue to work with them in coming weeks and months as the policy develops.”

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