DUP Tables Petition of Concern to Same Sex Marriage Debate

26 April 2013

DUP Chief Whip Peter Weir has confirmed the Party has tabled a Petition of Concern on the same sex marriage motion which has been tabled by Sinn Fein for debate in the Assembly next week.

Peter Weir MLA

DUP Chief Whip and Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly Commission

Peter Weir

Speaking today Mr Weir said, ‘It is only a few months since the Assembly last debated this issue and views were clearly expressed at that time. It has been made very clear that same sex marriage will not be introduced in Northern Ireland and the DUP is tabling a Petition of Concern to ensure that this motion will not be carried.

We are the only party to have a united position in opposition to the redefinition of marriage. However we also do not believe that a Constitutional Convention in the Republic of Ireland should have any input into policy which is wholly a matter for representatives in this part of the United Kingdom to decide.

The debate on Monday will only result in further embarrassment for those parties and individuals who avoid telling the electorate where they stand.’

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