DUP Policing Board members support independent review of Londonderry policing decisions

29 August 2019

DUP Policing Board members met with the Chief Constable today to discuss issues including recent republican paramilitary displays and events in Londonderry during the annual Apprentice Boys parade.

Joanne Bunting MLA

Joanne Bunting

Speaking after the meeting East Belfast MLA Joanne Bunting said, “Over recent months there have been a number of republican paramilitary displays. Such scenes should never be part of any community and everyone must be clear that glorification of any terrorism is wrong. The police have a vital part to play in bringing those responsible to justice and we will continue to speak to the Chief Constable about these efforts.

The tactics used to gather evidence and how these compare to other incidents are important. Whilst there will always be operational issues to consider, it is important that the public can see consistency in how the police operate right across all parts of Northern Ireland.”

Foyle MLA Gary Middleton continued,

“The questions which arose following events in Londonderry on 10th August were primarily about the policing decisions taken. Evidence has emerged since the day in relation to the policing operation and we believe there should be an independent review of the events of that day and how they were handled both by officers on the ground and the senior command structure.

It is vital that the rationale for policing operations can be seen to be justifiable and the entire community can fully support the actions taken. An independent review of the entire policing operation in Londonderry that day can help in that process.”

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