DUP Policing Board members meet Chief Constable

22 January 2019

North Antrim MLA Mervyn Storey met the Chief Constable along with other DUP Policing Board members Gary Middleton and Keith Buchanan. The meeting followed the dissident republican car bomb attack in Londonderry on Saturday and subsequent security alerts in both Londonderry and Belfast.

Mervyn Storey MLA

Mervyn Storey

Speaking after the meeting Mr Storey said, “This was a useful and productive meeting with senior PSNI representatives. We asked the Chief Constable firstly to convey our thanks to the local officers who have dealt with these incidents. Unlike those who plant such devices, the police officers’ first thoughts are with the safety of the public and they deserve all our appreciation for the work they do.

These dissident republican terrorist groups do pose a threat to the public and the police service clearly recognise that. The Chief Constable was able to offer reassurance about the steps being taken by the police to counter that threat. However, everyone will be aware of the pressure facing police resources and in particular, the current staffing compliment within the PSNI.

For the police to be successful however it is important they are working alongside the wider community to ensure that those who want to carry out such acts of terrorism are not afforded any level of support which would allow them to continue bringing disruption to our streets.

It is welcome that the Policing Board has been reconstituted and as political representatives appointed to the Board we look forward to an ongoing engagement with the Chief Constable about all the issues facing the PSNI.”

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