DUP Environmental Policy Pre-Consultation Paper Released

01 August 2019

Paul Frew MLA today called for interested groups to engage with the DUP as it works to develop new policy on the environment for all levels of our government. He said:

Paul Frew MLA

Chair of the Justice Committee

Paul Frew

“The DUP wishes to see a long-term approach to the environment that can deliver:

  • A healthy, greener and pleasant place, region, country and world.
  • Grow and develop economically while passing on an environment as good if not better than our generation received it.
  • Gain economic advantage by seeking to be in the forefront of technical innovation to achieve environmental goals that are common across the world.

To this end we are beginning a substantial consultation on the approaches the DUP should support and implement at all levels of government – Westminster, Assembly and Councils.  I encourage those organisations and communities interested in this topic to engage with our Policy Unit in the coming weeks and months and ensure their views are heard.”

The purpose of the pre-consultation paper is to ensure the right themes and relevant issues have been identified.  It will be followed by a full public consultation paper and then a final report.  This will involve policy engagement internally and externally.  Only the final report represents DUP party policy.

The full document can be downloaded at: http://www.mydup.com/publications/view/our-green-and-pleasant-land-pre-consultation-paper

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